Celebrate Founders’ Day with the Arizona Valley Alumni Chapter

Founders’ Day is less than a week away, but this year the celebration will last well after October 13 in Arizona. The Arizona Valley Alumni Chapter will be hosting a special Founder’s Dinner on October 21 at 6pm at Rosa’s Mexican Grill in Mesa.

For $15 per person, come enjoy some brotherhood and delicious Mexican cuisine. In addition to alumni, active brothers, friends and family are welcome. After dinner, the party will continue at Kay’s Place in Mesa, owned by Brother Dylan Hatch.

If you can’t attend on Friday, feel free to stop by our tailgate for the Arizona State-Washington State football game in Tempe on October 22. We’ll be meeting at Rula Bula on Mill Avenue, with times TBD as the game time has yet to be announced. It’s ASU’s Homecoming Weekend, and many alumni will already be in town to attend the game.

If you have questions about either of these events, please contact Jason Michael Walker at walker.jasonmichael@gmail.com or 602-690-9929.

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